Our Clinic

Polyclinic St-Jérôme has an experienced team who works every day to help maintain the health of their patients and provide them with adequate medical care. Located on the North Shore of Montreal, our team is proud to be able to open its doors every day of the week and on weekends with and without appointment. We benefit of experts and resources that allow us to offer you the ideal place to ensure your medical care, always with the aim of helping you improve your health and well-being in the short and long term.

Our Mission

Your health is at the heart of our purpose. We believe that every symptom or medical condition should detected and treated quickly and very seriously. That is why we have a mandate to provide quick access to experienced specialists who will be able to answer all your medical questions and allow you to benefit from their expertise in a more pleasant environment.

Polyclinic St-Jérôme is a modern place where all conditions for the best practice of our functions are met. Our dedicated staff advocate for favorable relationships in an effective and stimulating work environment. Respect and support are among our priorities to maintain the friendly and professional spirit constitutes the strength of our team.

Meet our doctors

Polyclinic St-Jérôme offers specialized consultations with experienced emergentologists Dr. Yves Bouchard and Dr. Philippe Girard.
Dr. Bouchard

Dr. Bouchard

Doctor recognized for his listening, accessibility and generosity among its customers and peers. An uncommon human professional.

Dr. Girard

Dr. Girard

Involved with patients, colleagues and support staff, Dr. Girard distinguishes among others by his professionalism, expertise and vigilance.